Waldorf Edition

Waldorf Edition

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Product no.: wed2-full

Waldorf Edition 2 is a collection of these three exceptional plugins: PPG Wave 2.V, Attack, and D-Pole

This enhanced Waldorf Edition 2 is the successor to the classic Waldorf Edition. Aside from its radically revamped user interface, Attack now contains an exceptionally expanded effects section with Delay, Equalizer, Drive, Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, and Reverb.

Everything runs properly on Mac and PC. This offer is a download item. The boxed version can be purchased from your local dealer. As owner of Waldorf Edition, you are eligible to take advantage of the PPG Wave 3.V Upgrade.

69.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: wed2-upgd

This is the Upgrade from Waldorf Edition LE to the full version of Waldorf Edition 2.

Owners of legitimate versions of D-Pole, PPG 2.V, Attack and Waldorf Edition LE are entitled to use this upgrade.

49.90 € *

In stock

Product no.: wed1-2-upgd

This upgrades a Waldorf Edition full version to Waldorf Edition 2. 

15.00 € *

In stock

Product no.: wed2-le

This is the LE version of Waldorf Edition 2. It has some restrictions over the full version.


19.90 € *

In stock

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