Attack! Soundset (Drum Module) for Blofeld by Piotr Jablonski

Attack! Soundset (Drum Module) for Blofeld by Piotr Jablonski

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The Attack sound set transforms Blofeld into one evil drum module. Thanks to deep, multitimbral programming Blofeld acts as 16-piece electronic drum module. With Blofelds extensive VA engine, we were able to recreate those lovely analogue drum sounds, but we didn’t stop there. FM and wavetables create exotic percussions, perfect for more aggressive styles of electronic music or experimental ethnic tunes. To round everything up, Attack sound set includes over 27mb of percussive samples ranging from acoustic drums and cymbals to vintage drum machines and weird ambient noises. Samples are then mangled in the Blofelds guts; filtered, pitch stretched, FMed and layered with other sound sources for unheard-of sonic textures.  

All sounds are logically sorted for quick and painless navigation. Attack sound set contains: 20 kicks, 20 snares, 5 claps, 8 hihats (each one in open and closed version), 12 crash cymbals, 9 rides, 7 tom sets (each made of 3 drums), various tambourines, shakers, cowbells and 8-bit blips.  Two “init” sounds are included for easy creation of new drum sounds and sample based hits.  

On top of that, Attack set contains 7 multi setups that work as drum-sets, pre-mapped for use with MIDI sequencer or pad controller:  

808 – frivolous recreation of TR-808 drum machine.  

FM – FM based drum set for harder electronic tunes.  

ANALOG – set of lighter analogue sounds.  

CHIPTUNE – sound set inspired by old 8-bit arcade consoles.  

DDD-5+ – set based on samples taken from vintage Korg

DDD-5 12-bit drum machine.  

AMEN – set designed around Amen Brake hits.  

Ethno-WAVE – composition of ethnic and weird electronic, wavetable based sounds



This set requires Blofeld Keyboard or Blofeld with installed License SL.

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